Arx Pangaia BV
Arx Pangaia BV is the group’s Dutch based holding company. Arx Pangaia BV furthermore provides consulting and budgeting services to group and external companies.

Arx | Pangaia (Cape Town)
Arx | Pangaia (Pty) Ltd provides financial advisory and investment services to  high net worth South Africa families. Arx is a CAT II Financial Service Board approved Financial Services provider, licence 928.

Pangaia Invesment Partners AG (Zug).
Pangaia Investment Partners AG provides global family offices services to a small group of ultra high net worth European families. Pangaia Investment Partners furthermore manages the international assets of all our group clients.

Pangaia Research BV (Amsterdam)
Pangaia Research conducts extensive research and analysis on international asset classes and currencies. This research is proprietary.

Pangaia Investments BV (Amsterdam)
Pangaia Investments provides fund management services in cooperation with Privium Fund Management in the Netherlands. Pangaia Investments is headed by Ryan Dally, a highly rated fund manager with 9 years experience in equity research and fund management.