Our History

Kobus, Amanda and Ina worked together at Investec and its Dutch associate Bank Insinger de Beaufort over a period of more than 20 years :

1984: Ina joins Investec. As business developer she contributed to the growth of Treasury, Wealth Management, Stock broking and Asset Management

1985: Ian Kantor, founder of Investec moves to Netherlands to establish Investec’s international operation, Integro, which later became Bank Insinger de Beaufort NV

1988: Kobus joins Investec as fund manager

1988: Amanda joins Integro-Insinger in its fiduciary and trust services where she participated in the successful growth and development of the business until its sale to a private equity company in 2003.

1991: Kobus moves to Netherlands to join Bank Insinger to establish an asset management business where he became chief investment officer and a board member of the bank.

1999: Ina leaves Investec and joins Insinger to set up a High Net Worth Wealth and Asset Management operation in South Africa. Together with Kobus she developed the South African business.

2004: Following the sale of Insinger’s trust and fiduciary business to a private equity group, Amanda left Bank Insinger to establish her own consultancy servicing ultra high net worth individuals in respect of their international entrepreneurial activities and personal requirements.

2009: BNP Paribas acquires a controlling interest in Bank Insinger de Beaufort

2012: Kobus and Ina leave Insinger and join forces with Amanda. Pangaia Investment Partners AG is established in Zug, Switzerland as an asset management and multi-family office provider. Josiane Peronnet joins Pangaia in Zug and is appointed as Managing Director. Josiane started her career at State Street global custodian in London and has worked at both Bank Insinger and Merrill Lynch before moving to Zug in 2010.

2013: Acquisition of Bank Insinger de Beaufort’s South African activities which is renamed as Arx Investment Partners (Pty) Limited. Pangaia Research BV is established in the Netherlands.

2014: Ryan Dally (former fund manager of Insinger de Beaufort Real Estate Equity Fund) and Peter Yeo (former COO of Insinger de Beaufort Asset Management NV) join the group. Pangaia Investment BV is established in the Netherlands which together with Privium Fund Management BV launches the Principia Fund.

2014: The various group businesses are placed under a single holding company, Arx Pangaia BV, with its head office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.